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October News & Committee Reports

October 20, 2014
Dr. Mark Shelton

Dr. Mark Shelton



What about a travel ban?

Should we close our schools?

How is this different from Swine Flu?

Is the CDC lying to us?

How worried should we be?

Bring Your Questions

Dr. Mark Shelton will Provide the Answers

Board Certified in Pediatrics & Pediatric Infectious Diseases, Dr. Mark Shelton has been in the practice of medicine since 1983 and has served most of his professional career at Cook Children’s’ Medical Center. As Director of Hospital Infection Control and Director of Infectious Diseases at Cook’s, Dr. Shelton led the Infectious Diseases and Hospital Infection Control Program at Cook’s from its beginning until 2008, when he gave up these leadership roles to serve in the Texas Legislature.  Dr. Shelton continues to see children with infectious diseases on a daily basis, and he will bring us useful, factual information about Ebola and what it means for our community.

Social – 11:00am Program – 11:30am; Location – Fort Worth Club, 306 7th St., 12th Floor. Valet parking is available for a $5 charge.

To make a luncheon reservation ($25 with reservation, $27 without), RSVP by noon on Monday, October 20, 2014 to Helen Bavousett at 817-516-0704 or  If you are not having lunch, no reservation is necessary. Those who RSVP but do not attend will be billed for their reservation cost. (Please do not RSVP using the Comment/Reply section below.)

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October President’s Message:

Judge Bonnie Sudderth

Judge Bonnie Sudderth

Since January, I have been sharing with you the reasons why I am Republican. Each month I’ve highlighted a different reason which is important to me. Among them were fiscal restraint, work ethic, support for women in elected offices, limited government, respect for the Constitution and Constitutional rights, principled stances and generosity. There are hundreds of good reasons to vote Republican, and I could continue listing them month after month for years to come, but…

Since the election is now underway, it’s time to sum it up. So, this month, I will share with you a dozen reasons why all Texans should vote Republican this November:

A Dozen Reasons to Vote Republican on November 4

  1. Freedom and Free Enterprise. Under Republican leadership during the past two decades, Texas has become the #1 state in the nation for creating jobs.  Re-electing Republicans who champion the entrepreneurial spirit will keep it that way.
  2. Liberty. Texas Republicans will continue to fight for our liberty against an overreaching federal government, including fighting the expansion of Obamacare and other massive federal programs that are bankrupting our nation.
  3. Our Children. Texas Republicans are committed to supporting our children. As Attorney General, Greg Abbott elevated our Texas child support system to #1 in the nation.  We need to keep it that way.
  4. Important and Essential Needs. Republicans are committed to devoting taxpayer funds for essential infrastructure necessary to keep Texas growing, such as roads and water projects,
  5. Safety. Republicans work hard to keep our communities safe and Republicans understand that securing our border is a vital step in that effort.
  6. Loyalty. Texas Republicans are loyal to Texas, not Washington DC or other out-of-state liberal interests. Republicans are not beholden to Barack Obama, Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi. They are beholden to us.
  7. Values. Republicans value the traditions which have made our state and our nation strong – family, life, religious liberty and hard work. Republican values are our values.
  8. Respect for Women. Republicans respect women by not stereotyping them. Republicans do not segregate issues into women’s vs. men’s issues because they understand that ALL issues are women’s issues.
  9. American Dream for All. Likewise, Republicans do not stereotype or segregate any issues or typecast anyone when it comes to the American dream. Black, Hispanic, Asian, elderly, disabled… Republicans are the party of inclusion because they believe that all Americans have the right to pursue the American dream, notwithstanding skin color, ethnicity, background or any challenge they may face in life.
  10. Education and Choices. Republicans are committed to an education system that puts tax dollars where they need to be – in the classrooms and giving parents a real voice when it comes to their children, including providing all students, especially at-risk students, the opportunity to attend the public school of their choice.
  11. Prosperity. Republicans understand that dependence upon government is not a path to prosperity. The American people, not the federal government, built this nation, and if we are going to get our country back on the pathway to prosperity, we need to look to the people, not Washington DC, to make that happen.
  12. Accountability. Republicans understand that the government answers to the people, not the other way around.
  13. Solutions. Republicans offer solutions, not just sound bites.

So, there it is – a baker’s dozen of good reasons to vote Republican.

When you cast your ballot, vote Republican – from the TOP of the ballot, all the way to the BOTTOM.

Bonnie Sudderth

 Red Star

Editorial: What Happened the Last Time

Republicans Didn’t Show Up to Vote?

The Democrats have declared war on us and Battleground Texas – Election Day 2014 – is looming on the horizon. And the news from the battlefront is both good and bad.

The good news? All of the polls say Texas will remain Republican, that Texas will stay red.

The bad news? All of the polls say Texas will remain Republican, that Texas will stay red.

While it may look like good news, don’t be fooled. This message could be the worst news of all. Because come November 4, Republicans, lulled into a false sense of security, may just be tempted to stay home.

So let’s take a lesson from history.

What happened the last time Republicans didn’t show up to vote?

In a word, Obamacare. Obamacare is what happened the last time the Republicans didn’t show up at the polls.

Obamacare didn’t become law because the public demanded it. They didn’t. Obamacare became law because too many Republicans didn’t bother to vote in 2006 and 2008.

In 2006, Democrats gained seats in the House and Senate. Then in 2008, for just the briefest moment in time, Republicans, through complacency, handed over control of the White House AND both Houses of Congress to the Democrats. And that’s all the time the Democrats needed to cram Obamacare down our throats. They lost no time in doing so – they didn’t even stop to read it, they were in such a hurry to get it passed while they were in control.

Yes, we can blame the Democrats for Obamacare. Yes, it was the Democrats who foisted it upon us. But maybe – just maybe – the Obamacare disaster could have been averted if only we had done a better job of getting out the Republican vote.

So, remember the lesson from Obamacare.  It DOES matter who’s in charge, and every vote DOES make a difference

So Vote. Vote Early. Vote Republican.


Set a goal for yourself. Identify 5 or 10 conservatives among your circle of friends. Make it your personal mission to ensure that they vote. Don’t allow them to be complacent, even if this means making a pest of yourself.

When they say “Abbott is way ahead in the polls. The Republicans are going to win,” you need to say “Not without your vote!”

Call these people every day, reminding them to vote until they’ve done it. Drive them to the polls yourself, if necessary.

Remind them what happened the last time the Republicans didn’t show up to vote.

They say hell is full of good intentions, but heaven is full of good works.

The Republican Party has given us a ballot full of excellent candidates.

It’s up to YOU to make sure they are elected.

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This month, Senator Jane Nelson shares why she is a Republican.  For those of you who may not understand why a person, especially a woman, would be a Republican, we hope that you will read through each contribution this year and reflect upon them an open mind. We are confident that if you do, you will see that Republican issues are women’s issues.  Thank you, Senator Nelson, for your contribution!

Jane NelsonLong before I was a businesswoman, a teacher, a mother, or a Senator, I was a Republican. However, all of those experiences have had an enormous impact on my political beliefs, and have provided countless reasons for why I am a conservative.

After graduating college — which I paid for through my first experience as an entrepreneur by teaching baton twirling lessons throughout high school and college — I was a teacher while my husband completed his degree. Teaching sixth graders, I saw first-hand that our education problems go beyond dollars spent. Even back then, teachers dealt with a lack of parental involvement and discipline in the classroom, as well as government overreach into our curriculum.  My experience not only taught me how important teachers can be in the life of a child, but also that Republican beliefs regarding local control, family values and personal responsibility are needed more than ever.

My husband, upon graduation, joined his father in our family-owned business that grew from a garage to over 300 employees. As we began to grow our business, I learned how damaging liberal policies — harsh regulations and over-taxation — can stifle growth.  Back then, the state was run by Democrats, and my family yearned for the environment that encourages growth and development that has become our reality today.  It is not a coincidence that, since pro-business Republicans have been in the majority we have seen Texas ranked the #1 state in which to do business for the last decade.

In Texas, we hold conservative values. Our principles of  life, families, faith, and freedom are the bedrock of our beliefs.  While Democrats think more government is the solution to every problem, Republicans believe in the power of people and personal responsibility.  As a mother and grandmother, I have tried to instill those values in my children and grandchild, and am continually frustrated by state and federal policies that completely contradict those principles.

All of these experiences not only made me a Republican, but eventually led me to run for public office. Republicans know that education is about more than how much money we spend.  We know that businesses grow and succeed when government gets out of the way.  We know that families and individuals will prosper when given the freedom to live their lives in the way they feel is best.  As a State Senator, I will continue to fight for Republican principles and beliefs because my life has shown me that they work.

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Republican Candidate Banner

Republican Ticket Nov 2014


*Because FWRW is a state PAC, rather than a federal PAC, we do not endorse federal candidates. But VOTE REPUBLICAN in the federal races! We must retake the Senate and keep Congress Republican.

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Second Saturday Announcement - 1

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Election day is fast approaching and all eyes are on Texas.  Help send the entire nation a message that Wendy does not speak for us!  Please take advantage of the following opportunities to do your part to help Keep Texas Red:

  • PHONE BANK VOLUNTEERS – Every Tuesday and Wednesday night, there is a phone banking opportunity at party headquarters at 2405 Gravel Drive, Fort Worth, Texas 76118 from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.  The center needs to place 3500 calls a week so everyone’s help is needed.  For questions, please call the Tarrant County Republican Party Headquarters at 817-595-0303
  • REPUBLICAN WOMEN PHONE BANKING FRIDAYS – 10am – 2pm.  Tarrant County Victory and TCGOP invite the Republican ladies of Tarrant County for lunch, tea, and phone banking. Only two Fridays left before the November election.
Report to Tarrant County Republican Party Headquarters for each of these opportunities!
2405 Gravel Drive, Fort Worth, 76118

For more information or to RSVP for any of these events above, please contact Ann-Marie Craig at 817-372-7761 or

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 2014 Capitol Christmas Ornaments

These beautiful commemorative ornaments will be on sale at the Fort Worth Republican Women’s Annual Christmas Luncheon on Friday, December 5th.

2014 Ornament

They come beautifully boxed!  $20 each.  Supplies are limited, so reserve yours in advance today!  Contact Julie Johncox via email at or call (817) 229-3121

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Price Increase Notice for 2015

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greg abbottCome meet and visit with Greg Abbott in Fort Worth!

Wednesday, October 29 at 9:00 a.m.

Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame
128 East Exchange Avenue
Fort Worth, TX 76164

Be sure to RSVP to let Greg Abbott know that you’ll be there!

Please contact Andy Forbes at 202-253-7288 with any questions!

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2015 Fort Worth Republican Women Board Slate

The nominating committee, consisting of Cyndy McCoy (Chair), Judy Laing,  Sharon Dale, Sherry Ward, and Cynthia Favila Terry, has met and has slated the following members for the Fort Worth Republican Women 2015 Board:

Open Positions to be filled:

1st Vice President, Membership
Debbie McDaniels
2nd Vice President, Programs
Kaye Moreno
3rd Vice President, Campaign
Helen Bavousett
4th Vice President, Finance
Brooke Allen
6th Vice President, Events
Patty Emerson
Pam Bassel

Will fill out second year of two year term:

Bonnie Sudderth
5th Vice President, Communications
Cynthia Favila Terry
Jan Brefczynski

The slate will be voted on by membership at the October 22nd meeting.  Nominations may be taken from the floor.

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 FWRW Member in the Spotlight

Holly BishopHolly Bishop
Fort Worth Republican Women Member Holly Bishop deserves special recognition this month! On October 8, Holly donated $500 to FWRW, which Holly and the FWRW Executive Board have earmarked for outreach efforts in conjunction with the November election.
Holly’s $500 has been donated to the Hispanic Republicans of Texas, an organization which has been working hard in 2014 to bring the conservative Republican message to the Hispanic communities throughout Texas and to help get conservative Hispanic Republicans elected to office.
Thank you Holly for your support and your dedication to helping keep Texas red!
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Work as an Election Clerk on Tuesday, Nov 4th!  Please contact Brooke Allen who needs clerks for a half or full day at Bethel United Methodist at 5000 Southwest Blvd, FW 76116. It pays $9 an hour! Call or email Brooke at 817.820.1140

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BFF October


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Supporting a candidate or a movement is more than a saying and it is more than wearing a t-shirt or a pin.  Thank you to Beryl Dowd and Vicki Hodges for these tips on how you can truly prepare yourself to represent your support for Republicans.

Before you put on that pin:

Pins are great conversation starters.  That’s why we wear them, right?  We want someone to ask us why we support a particular candidate or cause.

Here’s the thing:  when we do get that question, we have about 15 seconds to influence the person who asked!  Every word matters.

So, since I know questions are coming.  I can prepare my response ahead of time.

Try these tips:

  •  Make responses personal.  Why do I support this candidate or cause?  What is important to me about this campaign?  What are the  stakes for me and my family?  Be specific.
  •  Make responses positive.  Talk about the good that this candidate will accomplish or the benefits of supporting this cause.  Save criticism  of the opposition for another time.
  •  Use inclusive words like “our,” “us,” and “we” whenever possible.  These words create common ground.
  •  Speak in a calm and friendly voice.

One example:

I’m in the grocery store and see a friend.  I’m wearing my “Let’s Keep Texas Red” pin.

Friend:  “Vicki, what’s your pin?  What do you mean Keep Texas Red?”

Vicki:    “Keeping Texas Red is about how we can hold onto the values that make our state prosperous … like lower taxes and being a right to work state.  My brother’s company doubled in size because it moved operations from other states here.  I want us to keep that momentum going.”

So, before you put on that pin, think through and prepare your own personal, positive response to the questions it will generate.  Have those words ready to roll off your tongue.

Our candidates and causes matter.  If we care enough to put on the pin, let’s care enough to make the most of those precious 15 seconds.

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The Fort Worth Republican Women Christmas Luncheon
Friday, December 5, 2014
Petroleum Club
Guest Speaker will be Dr. Robin Armstrong

Republican National Committeeman,  Robin Armstrong

Republican National Committeeman,
Robin Armstrong

This is an annual event that you do not want to miss!  More information to come.

April News & Committee Reports

April 17, 2013

Red StarApril 24th Program – Attorney J. Shelby Sharpe, Sharpe & Rector, P.C., will speak about “Sharia Law: A More Sinister Threat Than You Might Think“.  Mr. Sharpe was born and educated in Texas.  He has practiced law in Fort Worth for over 40 years with the main focus of his practice being the defense of religious organizations.

Social – 11:00am  Program – 11:30am; Location – Fort Worth Club, 306 7th St., 12th Floor.

To make a luncheon reservation ($25 with reservation, $27 without), RSVP by noon on Monday, April 22nd to Helen Bavousett at 817-516-0704 or

If you are not having lunch, no reservation is necessary. Those who RSVP but do not attend will be billed for their reservation cost. (Please do not RSVP using the Comment/Reply section below.)  For more information, click HERE.

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Cyndy McCoy, President of Fort Worth Repulican Women

Cyndy McCoy, President of Fort Worth Republican Women

Read President Cyndy McCoy’s March 2013 Message: Find it by clicking HERE

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A Special Thanks to Justice Lee GabrielLee Gabriel1

. . . for providing refreshments and sponsoring the FWRW Board of Directors meeting in March! Justice Gabriel sits on the Second Court of Appeals and serves the citizens of Tarrant County, as well as 11 other counties in north Texas as a justice on the Court.  She is also an active member of Fort Worth Republican Women, serving in the very important position as our Treasurer!

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Image of Books


It’s easy to apply! The student may be either an undergraduate or graduate student and should simply email us the following information:

Name, address, phone number, email address and the name of college she is attending.  She should also include a brief statement about her involvement in any Republican activities. The deadline for applications is: Friday, May 3.

Applications (or any questions about the application process) should be emailed to:

Please encourage all young Republican college women you know to apply! By the end of this year, Fort Worth Republican Women plans to give a $250 scholarship to some deserving young Republican woman currently enrolled in college and in good academic standing. If you know any young woman currently attending college who has been involved in Republican events, please encourage her to apply. Involvement can be as simple as voting in a Republican primary, encouraging friends to vote Republican or attending a Republican event.

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Toni Anne Dashiell Elected as Texas National Committeewoman
             Toni Anne Dashiell, former Texas Federation of Republican Women President and current Kendall County GOP Chair, has been elected the Texas National Committeewoman to the Republican National Committee. An author and NFRW event presenter, Toni Anne succeeds Borah Van Dormolen, also a former Texas Federation of Republican Women President who passed away recently.
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Use Twitter for the Most Up to the Moment Political News!  If you have not created a Twitter account, click HERE.   Click on the yellow “Sign Up for Twitter” box and it will give you step-by-step instructions on setting up your personal Twitter account.  Of course, the first page you want to follow is @FWRepWomen and once you’ve done that, just look at who the Fort Worth Republican Women page is following for tips on who else to follow!  It’s simple.  In fact, here is a list of local state legislators that you will want to follow:

Please, take a moment now to click on any of the above Twitter names.   On any given page on the left hand side, you will see a yellow “Sign Up” rectangular icon.  Click on that to start your Twitter account!

Looking for more state and national conservatives to follow?  Go to for the Twitter names of over 7, 000 conservatives using Twitter!  All you have to do is click on their @ and it will link you to their Twitter page.

As of today, the Fort Worth Republican Women have 27 followers on the Twitter page @FWRepWomen and in just one month @FWRepWomen has tweeted 171 tweets for the world to see! Go ahead and join in on this part of the journey for the cause.  You will be glad that you did.

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twitter photoYEARBOOKS ARE IN!  

The 2013 FWRW Yearbook will be available at the April Luncheon. For those who would like the information but do not want a book, electronic copies are available.  What a great way to save space and yet have a memento and information source!  To request your electronic copy, send an email to:  Donna Thompson (
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Ruben Gonzalez Invitation Handouts
Red Star
This will be an informative and powerful event!
April 27, 2013
9:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
Registration begins at 9:00 a.m.
      306 West 7th Street, Fort Worth, Texas  76102

(Parking entrance is on 6th Street between Taylor & Lamar; Parking is free)

$30 Registration Fee (includes plated lunch and printed materials)


  • Diane Edmondson, Chair, Denton County GOP, “What You Need to Know About Liberal Efforts to Turn Texas Blue”
  • Jody Rushton, TFRW Vice President, Finance, “Show Me the Money!” – Fundraising Tactics for Local Clubs
  • Judge Sharen Wilson, Tarrant County Criminal District Court No. 1, “The Most Powerful Women’s Political Organization in Texas – Who Me?”
  • Featured Luncheon Speaker – Rafael Cruz, Father of Texas Senator Ted Cruz
  • Other topics include Texas’ changing demographics and parliamentary procedures for dynamic meetings

Make checks payable to Kaye Moreno.  RSVP by mailing your check postmarked no later than April 22nd to: 

Kaye Moreno, Leadership
1213 Kelpie Court
Fort Worth, Texas  76111

*Please include your name, address, occupation, email address and phone number.

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caryn-boddieIn the April 16th newsletter of THE AMERICAN THINKER, Caryn Boddie published a profound article, “Ending the Violence”, discussing the gun violence in schools and how quick America is to blame guns or individuals.

As you read through it below, think about what she is saying.  In the push for gun control, her ideas are foreign. The idea of taking real proactive responsibility as individuals and as a country resonates in her basic ideas of paying attention to our sons, helping them and praying for them.

What can we really do to stop shootings in our schools and other public places? I’d like to share two ideas — connected across the years — as we come up to the anniversary of a mass killing that affected my life and my community.

The first idea came to my attention not in the United States of America but in Central America.

It was March 1999, and I had taken a part-time reporter job at The Columbine Community Courier, a weekly paper in Littleton, Colorado. However, before working for the paper on a regular basis, I went off with my family on a long-planned mission trip to Honduras. There we worked on a few projects then did some sightseeing.

In Copan we stopped into a Catholic Church during mass. The church was packed, and we found out why that was so before long. The priest came to speak and he was absolutely furious with his flock. A woman in our party, who was a Spanish speaker, translated for us: Some of the young men of Copan had come into the town square the night before, during a festival, shot it up, and killed a few people.

The priest yelled a question at the congregation, “Why are you people not watching your sons?”

That moment stuck with me as we came back to Colorado, and I wrote the story of our trip for publication. Then, I proceeded to cover small stories in the community, such as the dedication of a new playground at an elementary school.

A week or so later, I was driving home from a dentist appointment when I passed Columbine High School. Just south of the school, I saw two young men, dressed in black dusters, walking toward Columbine. They looked into each other’s faces then strode up the sidewalk with smiles and knowing looks. Little did I know I was watching two of the sons in my community who were about to become murderers. I remember feeling the presence of evil, and I prayed briefly, but I did not know what else to do. (Since that time, I have learned that many other people in the community had similar experiences.)

On April 20, 1999, the two young men I saw murdered 12 students and one teacher then killed themselves at Columbine High School.

I covered the tragedy and its aftermath for the immediate community for about one year. Of course, it was a time of grief and trauma, and we all had to go through that and through the process of healing. In the midst of it, I believe there was a window of time where we could really learn and pass along what could be done to stop such a thing from happening in another community down the line.

Unfortunately, the mainstream media and the politicians came in and hyped the gun issue, just as they’ve done after every one of the tragedies that has followed Columbine. We all got focused on changing the laws that control guns. Family members of victims went to Washington, DC, and were displayed by our president, just as family members of new victims are being displayed by a president now. We had a Million Mom March in Denver. We debated closing the gun show loophole. Laws were changed.

We also focused on fixing Columbine High School and on building a memorial for those we lost. Some of us focused on blaming one person after another for the loss, and trying to make them pay; that went on for months and months.

Our focus on these things did not help other communities avoid similar tragedies.

So what should we tell other communities now?

First: Watch your sons.

Really, think about who is shooting in our schools; think about who it is that is killing innocents in Chicago; think about who it is that walked into a theater in Aurora and murdered people.

How do we watch our sons more carefully? By getting them more of what they need in their community, so that they are connected in their daily lives with more than one adult. The Search Institute of Minnesota has created a program called the 40 Developmental Assets for Adolescents, which people in Columbine discovered after the tragedy there. Through it many people touch our son’s lives and watch them as they grow up.

But, it’s not enough to watch our sons, we must then get them help when they need it — and the help must be effective.

To that point, the second idea I want to tell you about came together for me when I was watching television, years after my family’s trip to Honduras.

I was doing some chores with news on in the background. I heard the anchor review who the shooters were in the latest mass killings in our country and what their mental states were, Then in an interview, I heard Dr. Keith Ablow, a forensic psychiatrist, say, “What all this gun legislation, restricting firearms or increasing background checks, fails to address is the real problem, which is untreated mental illness, and a mental health care system that is completely severed from anything like an ability to deliver outpatient services on an as-needed basis, sometimes involuntarily. So, we’ve allowed our mental health care system to become decrepit; people are falling through gaping holes in the system. It really has nothing to do with guns, as we just saw in the mass stabbing in Texas and as we should have learned in 1927 when 38 children were killed with homemade explosives at a school. This whole debate should be filibustered right off the Senate floor; people shouldn’t show up for this debate because it’s just a sideshow.”

So, the second idea comes from another credible source: Fix the mental health system and create an effective pathway by which people in a community can report a person who seems mentally ill and dangerous.

Young people proved this can work after Columbine. Adolescents started watching each other and reporting other adolescents who showed signs of being troubled and/or dangerous and some killings were stopped. This was because they heard that it was good to watch and to tell and a pathway was created for them to do so that was effective.

And finally, this thought: we must pray for our sons.

So, these are two ideas for stopping future mass killings. Let’s get our attention off the gun debate, ignore the politicians, and take them up for the sake of other communities across our nation.