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Fort Worth Republican Women Dictionary Project:

Fort Worth Republican Women will be delivering dictionaries to 3rd-grade students at West Handley Elementary School this Monday, October 5, at 11:00am. West Handley Elementary School, located at 2749 Putnam Street in Fort Worth, has four classrooms of 3rd-graders and on Monday morning each student will be presented with their own dictionary, courtesy of Fort Worth Republican Women.

Fort Worth Republican Women are encouraged to attend and participate in this worthy effort.  If you are planning to attend, or for more information, contact Karon Manning-Adams, FWRW Literacy Chair, at (904) 654-6417 or at

If you can’t attend this event, don’t fret – we will be presenting dictionaries to students at two other elementary schools this fall – Como Elementary School and George C. Clarke Elementary School. Contact Karon if you would like to participate in one (or both!) of the other two presentations.

Thanks to Karon Manning-Adams for all of her work in making this project a success!

Red Star



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